Contract IT Recruitment

The flexible employment market in the UK is highly enviable, can be a huge benefit to companies of all sizes, but can be a difficult to utilise within changing landscapes. Contractors are an effective way in which to bring new skills to your team, provide short-term cover or fulfill individual projects.

Contractors should be just as well-qualified and committed as your permanent staff yet understand their purpose within a departmental structure. An individual requirement unique to the business requires that a different approach be taken for each type of search. Candidates are extensively assessed by our agents with technical tests undertaken as required to ensure the most suitable candidates attend interviews following a full brief relating to the project or interim appointment. This ensures that following an appointment they can rapidly adapt to the needs of the business.

Regulatory compliance within this area of recruitment is critical. We operate a PAYE payroll system adhering to AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) as well as the option of working under an umbrella company agreement or a professional services company (PSC) agreement. We work with all relevant authorities and our contractors to ensure that they comply with the appropriate regulations and conduct regular due diligence reviews providing all relevant documentation to our clients as required.

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