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Comtecs IT Recruitment Agency

Operating on a largely contingency basis the Recruitment Agency, Comtecs Limited, provides its services to corporate clients of varying sizes who are based in the UK but operate on a global scale.  Working inter-departmentally has given us a wealth of technical understanding across IT service delivery, infrastructure, development, devops and programme delivery landscapes.

Our clients operate within a broad range of sectors and this client base continues to evolve.  Financial services remains a mainstay with a large aspect of our work directed towards the insurance sector. More recently, emerging markets within the Fintech and Biotech, Life Sciences fields have offered interesting settings for new technologies to be employed and emergent cloud and automation technologies to play a bigger part in our day to day searches.

It's not just the tech that's changed.  A more centralised HR approach, the advent of large-scale BPO within human capital management arena has seen the need for an adjustment to working with almost all of the major RPOs whilst maintaining good workable relationships with the specific IT divisions of our long-standing clients as we navigate the political channels of working in tandem with a recruitment process outsource partner.  Regulatory change continues to evolve and we are always ahead of this curve to ensure our compliance in areas such as AWR, GWP, IR35 and GDPR.

IT Recruitment Services

We focus on the placement of IT professionals. Serving organisations operating within the financial services, legal services, Fintech, Biotech and Market Research sectors accounts for the majority of our clients' business operations with additional companies operating in related industries and IT functions including Managed Service Providers (MSPs), digital agencies and public sector organisations.

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Permanent IT Recruitment

People are the most valuable assets of a business. Whether growing your team or replacing a previous employee you will be looking for the most suitable individual in technical, experiential and cultural terms.

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Contract & Temporary IT Recruitment

The flexible employment market in the UK is highly enviable, can be a huge benefit to companies of all sizes, but can be difficult to utilise within changing landscapes. Contractors are an effective way in which to bring new skills to your team, provide short-term cover or fulfill individual projects whether deemed inside or outside of IR35 legislation. 

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Financial Services IT Recruitment

Within the Financial Services sector our services are engaged by internal IT departments across all technical areas. Our clients range from Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, Investment Banks, Asset Management Houses and brokerages across a number of sectors.

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Fintech Recruitment Services

Whether a startup organisation or a company pushing for growth acceleration we can assist you build a team to take your products to market and assist in the disruption of markets through the application of cutting edge tech, cloud service and the Agile/Scrum approach.

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Biotech Recruitment

From organisations in R&D through to established manufacturers looking to improve systems under Good Manufacturing Practices, we can help build your team of IT professionals that will support the innovation within your organisation.

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Legal Services IT Recruitment

Law firms and legal services organisations that are both reliant upon ICT systems and continuing to innovate in the way that their systems enable them to provide the highest quality service to their clients on a global basis require the best talent available across their service delivery, infrastructure and development teams.  Work with us to identify and recruit across all disciplines.

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Market Research Recruitment

Within the Market Research sector our services are engaged by internal IT departments across all technical areas. Long term engagement with many of the leading MR Agencies has led to a diversification of our services to support their core business activity.

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