Permanent IT Recruitment

People are the most valuable assets of a business. Whether growing your team or replacing a previous employee you will be looking for the most suitable individual in technical, experiential and cultural terms.

By taking the time to understand your environment, your business activity and your individual requirements we set out on the right footing and vigorously qualify candidates prior to submission of their credentials for consideration. Technical testing, gathering of references and in-depth discussions regarding experience ensure that the most suitable candidates available attend interviews.

Candidates are supported throughout the interview process and during their probationary period in order to meet the benchmarks expected by new employers. We appreciate how frustrating it can be to find a candidate who appears to be suitable only to deliver a poor interview due to lack of preparation. Our commitment at this stage is to the candidate: to ensure they present themselves in the most honest and professional way possible.

We provide contingency, managed and executive searches for the recruitment of permanent staff and can offer discounted rates in certain circumstances. We maintain market leading resources and an extensive network of candidates across all levels and disciplines of IT, technical and digital markets.

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