CV Preparation

Whether it’s your first time writing a CV, updating your current version or starting again after years in employment: your CV is the best tool you have to get yourself noticed by agents and hiring managers alike.

Trends vary yet a clear, concise three to five page document is what you should be aiming to achieve. Outline your profile, education, employment history including dates, names of employers and job titles. Within these core information fields you should include a paragraph regarding your employer’s business activities and bullet points outlining your responsibilities. Finally, should it be appropriate you can list the technologies you employed.

If you have more information and detail that would go beyond five pages then you may wish to consider listing the past three years experience and have a section which reads: “Previous experience available on request”

Additionally, you can tailor the CV to show how your skills meet the criteria of a specific job you are applying for by simply changing your profile or adding/editing the document; list your key skills near the top of the first page; provide links to employer’s websites if the companies are not well known; create a list of career/personal achievements. Always provide a hobbies and interests section as this will give a little insight into your personality.

Finally, keep it tidy! Don’t try to be clever with MS Word and make it appropriate for the market. A web designer's CV should look significantly different to that of an IT Manager. There are many ways in which to improve your CV please feel free to contact us for advice.

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