Candidate Information

Our team provides a high quality service to candidates and whilst we are a small company we try to assist everyone we can. It is difficult to respond to every applicant due to our size but those we do work with receive our full commitment:

Our commitment to you…

We will provide a professional and informed service which assists you in your search for employment. We will always supply you with a specification, along with a comprehensive assessment of the client whose vacancy for which you are being considered. We will provide you with as much support as you need or want during the interview process and will always keep you informed about how your application is progressing.

In return we expect…

Comtecs expects its candidates to keep in contact with us: returning calls and emails as quickly as possible and acting with a sense of priority and urgency regarding the recruitment process. We also expect a degree of commitment. We work with many of our clients on a sole supplier or preferred supplier basis, applying for a job through Comtecs means there will be less competition from other candidates.

We expect you to attend interviews once they are arranged, prepare in advance, and present yourself in the best possible fashion as a representative of our organisation.

If you have other interviews lined up, we expect you to defer accepting offers of employment until you have fulfilled your obligation with our clients to interview with them. We won’t insist that you take a job that isn’t right for you, but do expect you to observe commitments you’ve made to interview with our clients.

Ultimately, we want you to pursue opportunities with us to their fullest extent before making a decision regarding your next step and will do all we can to assist you in making your next appointment.

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