Office 365

Productivity is a much used word in the IT industry but never is it more appropriate than with the implementation of Office 365. Not only is your email fully managed on a Microsoft Cloud Based Exchange Server but you can also utilise the full power of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner our expertise enables us to plan, manage and undertake the transfer of your email from wherever it is currently hosted to a fully functioning MS Office 365 Solution. Our extensive experience of these migrations and deployments ensures a seamless transition. Additional Office 365 services can be configured and deployed as required by the business.

Office 365 is widely becomming the platform of choice for the business user enabling synchonisation of email and outlook folder structures across multiple devices and 100% uptime due to the nature of the MS distributed computing network. Management of your users' profiles, access and accounts is completely centralised in the cloud; a a simple billing strategy enables you to pay Microsoft directly keeping you in constant control.

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