Office 365

Productivity is a much used word in the IT industry but never is it more appropriate than with the implementation of Office 365. Not only is your email fully managed on a Microsoft Cloud Based Exchange Server but you can also utilise the full power of Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices.

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner we can fully manage the transfer of your email from wherever it is currently hosted to a fully functioning Hosted Exchange Solution provided by Microsoft. There is usually no downtime and we can even migrate from existing local Exchange Servers. 

Once you have the system in place it will be hard to work out how you survived previously. All your mail will be fully synchronised across all your devices and fully backed up in the cloud. You have access to all your email folders and sub-folders on any device you connect to your account. You can even use Microsoft Outlook on your iPhone or Android Device.

Case Studies

Baseline Beat

We have been working with Sue from Baseline Beat for a number of years with her other businesses providing IT & Web Solutions. When she bought the new business to us as a client we knew instantly that Office 365 was a must. They had a mixture of old and new IT hardware with no real idea how any of it was licenced. We suggested bringing all the licensing under one roof with a proper account for each machine and user so that all software could be unified. After some initial consultancy this was carried out in a single day and continues to work very well indeed.

Intimates Lingerie

It was quite a few years ago that we started working with Intimates and initially they only had five or six users with standard BT email accounts! Since then we have moved to a full cloud based Office 365 installation across multiple sites and over thirty users! Users love being able to check their email on multiple devices and on more than one occasion have benefited from a full cloud based backup in the event of damaged/stolen hardware.

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